Cranborne Consulting

Cranborne Consulting develops and executes plans to improve the operations of a construction project, or get companies out of difficulty.

In an industry where an estimated "90% of mega-projects exceed their budget"1 and "over 50% of global markets are reporting cost inflation of on-going construction projects"2 there are many projects and companies in distress. Cranborne Consulting was opened to support companies to avoid a distressed project or those who found themselves in a distressed position.

Construction errors cost the industry billions every single year. "The annual spend due to error is estimated to be around seven times the total annual profit of the UK Construction Industry….with estimates of total costs of error ranging between 10% and 25% of project cost or HK$100–250Bn per annum."3. Cranborne Consulting will improve the operations of a construction project reducing the amount of errors made.

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Cranborne Consulting works collaboratively with all stakeholders in a construction project, providing value by identifying and delivering solutions.

It is often the case in a distressed situation that the parties lose focus and become polarised in their positions. Whether working for the Employer, Contractor, Engineer, Lawyer, Funder, or any other stakeholder it is experience that counts. This experience is also invaluable at the front-end of a project to avoid it becoming distressed in the first place.

Cranborne Consulting is led by Ir. Lee J Smollett MCGI IEng FICE FHKIE RPE (CVL) MCIARB. A qualified Civil Engineer and Arbitrator, Lee’s experience spans over 30 years in construction project delivery.

A former Project Director for Laing O’Rourke on West Kowloon Terminus Station (South) and General Manager for Alfasi Constructions on West Kowloon Terminus Station (North) Entrance Building both in Hong Kong, Lee has led major complex infrastructure engineering mega-projects in Europe, the Middle East, and South East Asia. Lee is highly regarded for his work leading the delivery of construction projects, and turning around projects in distress.

Using this experience and knowledge coupled with Cranborne Consulting's project governance process and integrated management system Cranborne Consulting succesfully puts projects on the right track or gets them out of trouble.