Cranborne Consulting

Cranborne Consulting focusses on the contract, communication, governance, planning, and organisational effectiveness of the teams

Issues with contract knowledge, communication styles, governance process, and organisational effectiveness tend to manifest themselves in a number of ways on a project. The targeted Return On Investment is often put at risk with the normal reaction to that, to start cost-cutting and reducing the scope of the project. This is almost always combined with a slow down in progress and disputes about payments which leads to strained contractual relationships.

Within this environment teams lose focus and the project becomes distressed. Decisions and their impact are not accurately or fully communicated and performance is not accurately or fully communicated; help is needed.

Companies don’t hold resources purely to deal with problems.
So when a project becomes distressed the option to call Cranborne Consulting provides flexibility and removes the threat of partiality. Using Cranborne Consulting allows companies to focus resources on dealing with future plans rather than dealing with historic problems.


Working collaboratively to develop strategies and plans to ensure success

Whatever stage a project is at Cranborne Consulting will understand key project drivers before plans are developed. Once the key drivers are known and understood Cranborne Consulting will identify potential and actual performance limiting issues, and then develop strategies to ensure success.

During tender stage Cranborne Consulting will develop a win-strategy followed by a project business plan during the start-up phase of a project. However, with a project in distress Cranborne Consulting will prepare a project turnaround plan or where needed, an exit strategy.


Provision of advice on tenders, operational plans, arbitrations, contract disputes and renegotiations

Cranborne Consulting will provide an impartial peer-review of operational plans and project organisation either during the tender stage or at any other time during the life of a project.

When a project is in a distressed situation Cranborne Consulting will advise on the modification and enforcement of contractual rights to ensure that the contract is being properly administered and it is fair and equitable.

Cranborne Consulting will provide an evaluation of management conduct and reporting to ensure that the project organisation is at it’s most effective within a strong governance framework, one where accurate reports are being provided throughout the organisation.

With a working knowledge of CAP609 Arbitration Ordinance, The Arbitration Act 1996, and the Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010, Cranborne Consulting provides advice on arbitrations and contract disputes.


Delivery of strategic and tactical operating plans for construction projects from tender to completion.

Cranborne Consulting will lead the implementation of the win-strategy and project business plan until it is embedded in the project or business. Cranborne Consulting will build consensus amongst stakeholders and deliver operational recovery plans until the targets in the plan are achieved.

During delivery Cranborne Consulting will address management and resource deficiencies to ensure that the right people are in place to support and deliver the plans and maintain the long-term success of the project.


Supply of interim leadership and management resource.

Cranborne Consulting will provide interim leadership and management resources if the project needs support until the plans have gained traction.

During a turnaround or restructuring exercise Cranborne Consulting will provide short-term leadership until the exercise is complete and then maintain an executive role as required.

In crisis situations such as the sudden loss of key personnel, Cranborne Consulting will provide temporary leadership and management, to stop the project becoming distressed whilst a replacement resource is found.